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How does Address Guard help e-commerce brands?

Сustomers often mistype shipping addresses and this leads to failed deliveries and ultimately, upset customers. Inaccurate shipping addresses may result in returned shipments and costly redelivery fees. Address Guard fixes this problem by prompting customers with suggested corrections. Our simple interface can help boost customer satisfaction by reducing the frequency of failed deliveries.

With accurate customer data, e-commerce brands can increase delivery rates and ensure customers are happy with the shipment time. 

Getting started takes less than 1 minute, check out our Shopify app today. 

What countries does Address Guard support?

Address Guard processes orders in 240+ countries and territories ensuring our global address verification service can help your customers – regardless of their location. 

Does address verification affect conversion rate?

Since Address Guard displays on the thank you (order confirmation) page after the customer completes their checkout, the impact to conversion rate is zero. 

Which e-commerce platforms are supported?

We currently integrate with Shopify & Shopify Plus, with plans to add BigCommerce soon. 

Looking for platform support not yet listed? Please reach out to our team, so we can evaluate adding Address Guard to your platform.

How easy is it to get started?

Getting started is very simple, simply install the Shopify app to your store, configure your rules and you’re all done. It takes under 1 minute to get started, and once installed; Address Guard will automatically prompt customers on the thank you page with suggestions for problematic address issues.


Beyond the simple setup, you can also configure the platform to meet your shipping requirement guidelines such as: Preventing shipments to PO Boxes or Rural Route addresses – all in 1-click.


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