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Which orders does Address Guard process?

Address Guard processes all orders that flow through the Shopify checkout system, including popular subscription apps such as Recharge. When a customer lands on the thank you (order confirmation page), at that point we prompt the customer with suggestions to update their address.

What type of address rules are supported?

Address Guard allows you to provide warnings to customers if a particular address rule is detected. These rules can be customized with your own text and enabled with 1-click. Today we support:

  • PO Boxes
  • Private Mailboxes
  • Highway Contract Route
  • Rural Route
  • Missing House #
  • Missing Street Name
  • Missing Apt # or Suite #
  • Extra Long Addresses
  • Military Addresses
  • Non-contiguous US States
  • Non-Latin characters
  • Emojis


Does Address Guard support Shopify tags?

Yes, Address Guard will automatically push relevant order tags to Shopify based on your settings. Today we support 15+ tags that indicate deliverability issues such as misspelled cities or incorrect zip codes. Tags can also be automatically removed once a customer updates their shipping address. 

Residential vs Commercial addresses

Address Guard automatically identifies the type of shipping address and pushes a tag to Shopify indicating if it’s residential or commercial. We also save this tag within your order history page, to give your team complete visibility into the type of address. 

Shipping carriers in general need to be notified the type of address they are delivering to, and with Address Guard you can now automate this process.

What happens if a shipping address cannot be verified?

When a customer submits an undeliverable shipping address, which cannot be verified by Address Guard, a tag is pushed to Shopify indicating the order is undeliverable. An email notification is sent to the customer to help them with updating the address to a deliverable address which can be verified. 

Once a new address is submitted and verified, the tag will be automatically removed from Shopify.

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