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We’re on a mission to empower e-commerce brands by preventing failed deliveries with automated address verification across 240 countries & territories.

address guard is based in Orlando, FL offering unprecedented customer support

Making Address Verification accessible to brands of all sizes.

With the onset of the global pandemic, co-founders Larry VanDenHandel and Ryan Haidinger knew that e-commerce would see a giant upswing in traffic & revenue, and felt address verification was a key yet overlooked aspect to successful growth due to the high cost of failed deliveries. Bad customer data can harm company revenue due to costly redelivery fees, while at the same time causing frustrated customers to shop elsewhere.


Larry & Ryan decided to utilize their combined 35 years in e-commerce to do something about it, and Address Guard was born.

Accurate customer location data is critical to brand growth.

Address Guard has grown overtime thanks to our happy customers. We love being able to come up with solutions that solve large problems that are hurting brands from growing.


We’re on a mission to continue growing the Address Guard platform to help lower e-commerce operational costs, increase efficiency through address verification automation and most importantly increase user happiness with on-time deliveries.

Excited about Address Verification and eCommerce automation?

Help us build the future of e-commerce automation software for growing brands.


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Meet the Founders

We’re a small global team with big ambitions. We are obsessed with delivering exceptional customer solutions & service.

Ryan Haidinger

Co-Founder & CEO

Larry VanDenHandel

Co-Founder & CTO

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