What is the best Address Validator Plus alternative?

Choosing an address validation solution is a big step.
Here is a comparison of Address Guard and Address Validator Plus to help you make a decision.

Address Guard is the cost-effective, developer-friendly alternative to Address Validator Plus. Like Address Validator Plus, Address Guard provides address validation capabilities. However, Address Guard is a more complete platform, is up to 40% less expensive, and 900+ world leading brands are saving even more time with Address Guard's workflow automation suite of features. 

Address Guard automates shipping policies by preventing shipments to restricted address types such as PO Boxes, Military Addresses, Non-contiguous US States, and 15+ other types. The end result is an much more efficient way of handling customer orders, further decreasing handling time and increasing profitability. 

Address verification should never be limited by your providers service, that's why Address Guard works on a global scale - ensuring validation across 240+ countries. Whereas Address Validator Plus only services a limited market of 24 countries. 

See how much you can save by making the switch

Features Address Guard Address Validator Plus
Pricing (per order) $0.03 US / $0.04 INT $0.05
Common Address Rules
15+ Order Tags
Global Address Verification for 240+ countries
AI Parsing Engine to increase address match rates
Shipping Carrier Logic to eliminate redelivery fees
Automatically hold orders in Shopify if issues detected
Tools for Single & Bulk address verification
Send emails from your own domain Free $14.99 /mo
Shopify Flow Integration
United States Team for Support
API Access

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Trusted by 1,000+ of the world’s leading brands
Address Guard global address verification
Address Verification

Reach a global audience

Ensure your shipment address data is accurate and standardized for over 240+ countries and territories. Address Guard's powerful solution parses, verifies, cleanses, and formats addresses seamlessly through a user-friendly integration.

Combining global datasets with state-of-the-art matching technology, our solution offers unparalleled performance and reliability.

Rules Engine

Automate your shipping policies

Validating shipping addresses is important, but it's only one part of our comprehensive approach to address verification. We use a sophisticated rules engine to prevent shipments to 15+ different address types.

  • Setup address rules based on your shipping carrier requirements, such as preventing shipments to PO Boxes, or Rural Route addresses.
  • Reduce carrier fees by prompting the customer to fix address issues related to your 3PL policies such as: non-latin characters, and extra long address character limits.

Improve address match rates

With our advanced AI parsing capability, Address Guard delivers exceptional verification performance and unparalleled address match rates.

  • Automatically format address information based on the entered country to meet postal requirements.
  • Visualize each input issue alongside the amount of changes made by Address Guard to ensure the shipping address was verified.
Order Tags

Simplify Order Management

Address Guard makes it easy for brands on Shopify and Shopify Plus to visually identify problematic issues with orders by appending deliverability tags.

  • 20+ tags supported including common address issues, address rules or RDI (residential vs commercial) data points.
  • Automatically remove tags once the customer fixes their address issue, ensuring your shipping team has the most up-to-date information.
Design Customization

Enhance your customer’s experience

Maintain a strong brand presence with your customers by providing them with a tailored and seamless experience. Address Guard offers full customization options to match your brand design across all touchpoints, including the address popup and email.

  • 1-click setup to match your brand design guidelines.
  • Send email from your own custom domain.


World Leading Brands


Countries Supported


Platform API Uptime

What our customers are saying

Address Guard is the preferred global address verification platform for forward-thinking brands.

Super happy I found this app! Our undeliverable addresses and associated labor have dropped by 40% since starting to use Address Guard!

Logistics Manager

The integration process and support from Address Guard has been nothing but Outstanding!! The solution has performed exactly as expected and had offered a significant improvement to our deliverability.

Chief Operations Officer

Address Guard works like a charm and the support is TRULY fantastic. The founder is responsive and a fast implementor of upgrades. I would say that this is the best support I’ve ever experienced with a 3rd party app, hands down.

Chief Operations Officer

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