Address Guard is Officially ‘Built for Shopify’

Address Guard is now built for Shopify

We’re excited to announce that Address Guard is now officially Built for Shopify and have been awarded the app store listing badge. The Built for Shopify recognition, is the highest achievement for an app within the Shopify app store, and the team is beyond excited to be awarded for their hard work.

We’re proud to have met all of the requirements set forth by Shopify including ensuring Address Guard meets their standards for security, performance and design. Meeting the requirements was a multi-month project, but allowed the team to have a renewed focus on further building the most technologically advanced validation solution for Shopify brands.

From humble beginnings in 2022, we made it our mission to build a platform accessible to all brands, with enterprise-grade functionality only available (at the time) to the largest DTC brands. We further backed up this mission by designing an interface that was easy, accessible and reliable across the board – whether a store is just getting started, or a large volume DTC brand is looking to automate their shipping policies at scale.

Our redesigned platform went live in April 2024 including dozens of new features and improvements, including our Built for Shopify updates. The team was excited to announce our Translations feature to the world, which now makes it easy for brands to automatically communicate validation issues based on the customer’s browser language. Be sure to check out our latest features via our blog post.

What does the Built for Shopify award mean?

The Built for Shopify program was introduced in 2023, and was meant to help platforms meet the high quality standards of the Shopify platform, which means having a total focus on security, performance, design, and delivering an exceptional experience for merchants. Meeting these standards is challenging, and that’s by design at Shopify. With Address Guard now receiving the badge, it means the following benefits for our clients:

  • Security – Address Guard is based in the United States, and upholds to rigorous security standards for customer data. From Day 1, we’ve built Address Guard to service the largest brands in the world, and this comes with the understanding that security is the utmost importance in our platform. Shopify puts apps through a series of standards to ensure customer data is handled well throughout the Shopify app process.

  • Performance – Address Guard was built to deliver exceptional load speed performance both within the account and on the frontend. The result? A blazing fast experience for merchants and customers alike, causing zero slowdown to the checkout experience. By implementing core improvements to meet Built for Shopify standards, Address Guard improved the customer experience with Checkout Extensions, Flow and Order Automations.

  • Design – Address Guard for Shopify was redesigned from the ground up to take advantage of the Shopify Polaris framework, which is recommended for Built for Shopify apps. To this end, we took a renewed focus on building an easy-to-use platform, that is accessible to all merchants – regardless of size. The end result, allowed us to cut down on wasted space, without reducing any functionality within the platform.

  • Quality – Our guiding principal at Address Guard has always been to deliver the best address validation solution on the market for Shopify and Shopify Plus brands, by building an great user experience, coupled with a feature-rich experience, at an easy to consume price. No fancy contracts, no setup fees, no weird billing mechanisms, just an simple pricing model for all brands backed by a high performing platform, great functionality and a design aimed at ease of use.

There’s a reason why over 1,000 of the world’s leading brands have trusted Address Guard with their address validation solution. Now with the Built for Shopify award, we have a rigorous foundation to build more exciting innovations into the platform. We are looking forward to more announcements in 2024 and beyond.

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